Private First Class Milan

Vital statistics
Private First Class
Location: Genk, Belgium Status: Honourable discharge
DMOS: N/A Combat unit: Alpha Squad
Duty units: N/A Reports to: N/A
Role: Engineer Enlisted: 18 November 2013
Time in service: – Time in grade: –
Attendance: –
Personal bio
Been to highschool from ’86 untill ’93 where i immediately took on Volunteer Service in the Belgian Airforce as Aircommando (Airfield Defence) where i served for a year as a Conscript. After that, working in various places from Welder to Quality controll manager. Now it’s all gaming for me like online games varied from EvE Online, ArmA2, to Star Wars: The Old Republic & Total War games. Still work freelance as a Military consultant at this moment. My other hobbies are Fishing, playing Darts, & watching TV (lol). For more questions, just ask away.
Service record
20 July 2014 Honourable discharge from service
29 May 2014 Promoted to Private First Class
7 April 2014 Returned to Active duty
31 March 2014 Requested Leave of Absence
12 March 2014 Promoted to Private Second Class
16 December 2013 Promoted to Private Trainee
16 December 2013 Inducted to Alpha Squad
18 November 2013 Enlisted to the Celtic Alliance
Awards & recognition
16 December 2013 Army Service Ribbon