About us

“Loyalty. Honour. Teamwork.”

Arma 3 clan

Our mentality

Our clan, like many others, is all about loyalty, honour and teamwork.

Loyalty: helping each other out and doing what’s expected of you.
Honour: being an example to others in the clan and treating other players with respect.
Teamwork: getting the job done together as a team while using our own set of tactics.

Our history

The Celtic Alliance was formed by Catwoman on 1 September 2009. After trying our hand at running the Scottish Recon Force, a semi-realism unit, the decision was made to start something new, a gaming community called the Celtic Alliance.

Soon we discovered several members missed the old clan days, and as it was evident the gaming community we intended to launch did not get off the ground the decision was made to transform our community into a clan.

Our mission

Opposed to the Scottish Recon Force the Celtic Alliance is not a semi-realism unit. We however do strive realism in terms of proper game play and tactics. We however are never trying to be a replica of an army unit, instead we are only using some factors of an army unit that should make it fun for our members to be in this clan.

We offer ranks, medals and ribbons as they are used in the real army, but each with unique requirements that fit our own style of game play and conduct. We also offer our members the opportunity to perform jobs, just like many other clans do. We also encourage our members to come forward with ideas and suggestions, and these will be looked at and if needed set into motion.

We also try to train our members to their fullest potential. We offer Basic Training once people have enlisted, but we also conduct weekly training sessions that include battle drills and other exercises to practice procedures and tactics. Although we consider training a important part of membership to our clan, participation with the weekly training sessions is on a voluntary basis. Those who wish to participate with the weekly training sessions are encouraged and welcomed to do so, others who can’t or don’t want to are taught things in-game.

Like other clans out there we have a chain of command. But we are not taking it to the extreme levels other clans tend to do. We do of course expect our members to respect and follow our chain of command, but at the same time do not expect them to salute higher ranked members or perform other similar real life army routines as is done in a lot of (semi-)realism units out there.

Our mission is, and will always be, to offer people a clan that is approachable but at the same time strives a touch of realism in some areas, and is committed and serious about clan matters. We welcome anyone of any skill level, whether or not he or she is looking for a clan where he or she can offer help or ideas, wants to share his or her experience or just wants to try out a clan with a slightly lower threshold than other clans.

Joining our clan

Are you interested in joining us? Please feel free to check out our requirements to join and our enlistment form.