Public server game play

On this page we provide information players need to be aware of before playing on our public server. This includes among other things a reference to our server rules, the type of in-game behaviour you can expect from clan members and the type of in-game behaviour expected from visiting players.


Before playing on our public server we advise everyone to read our server rules. They are shown here: link.


To play on our public server everybody needs to run certain mods. These are shown on this page in the Required mods section: link.

On this page we also provide a link to our public modpack, which you should download to play on our public server without being kicked. This page also contains information about several optional mods that are allowed on our public server.


While you are playing on our public server you may get a invitation to join us on our TeamSpeak server.

You obviously do not have to wait to be invited. Anyone visiting our public server is welcome to visit our TeamSpeak server anytime and will be welcomed when they do. We however do not explicitly require anyone to be on our TeamSpeak server while they are playing on our public server.


“Loyalty. Honour. Teamwork.” This is what every visitor of our public server can expect from us. We’ll do our best to work together with visiting players to accomplish objectives and get the job done, and in return we hope to get the same treatment.

Whether you have a tactical insight, or a totally different approach to game play, if you show interest we will gladly team up with you and show you how we do things in-game. We however also respect the fact not everyone wants to team up with us and therefore leave this part of game play up to the player’s choice.

The best experience however is achieved when teaming up with other players on our server. We aim to focus gaming sessions on our public server on tactical movement, teamwork and team cohesion, and communication – and while at it are always trying to make it a fulfilling and satisfying experience for everyone involved.