Join requirements

“Loyalty. Honour. Teamwork.”

Membership requirements

  1. You have the right attitude. Our clan is all about respect. There is no room in our clan for people who feel the need to judge others and their skills or tend to put their egos and their own preferences above others. Comments on our members and how they play when trying out for membership or when playing together is also a big no no.
  2. You are mature, or at least show signs of maturity. We seek people who show at least some maturity when it’s asked of them. Think of replying to emails and messages during the trial period and in general, speaking to or approaching other members in a proper way and active involvement on TeamSpeak, in the forums and with game play.
  3. You are interested in team play. We seek people who are interested in team play, and can be trained in such a way their team play skills fit or enhance the style of our clan.
  4. You are serious about membership to our clan. We seek members who take their membership seriously. At a certain point in their career members of our clan receive jobs to perform and therefore are expected to be serious candidates for these jobs. They must also be able to understand and work according to the responsibilities these jobs ask of them.
  5. Interest in training is a plus. We appreciate enlistments from people who have an interest in participation with our weekly training sessions, but this is not a requirement. Participation with our training sessions is voluntary as we also offer in-game teaching. We conduct one training session per week, on Sunday evenings at 19:00 hours (Clan time).
  6. Interest in tactical game play is a plus. We appreciate enlistments from people who have an interest in tactical game play, but this is not a requirement we are strictly looking for.
  7. You are at least 18 years of age. Like most other clans we only recruit people of 18 years of age or older. In some circumstances however exceptions can be made.
  8. You can adjust to timezones. The core of our members is from Europe and therefore we use an European timezone. Make sure you are able to adjust to this timezone. Note that we refer to the selected timezone as Clan time, which is shown on the right side of our website.
  9. You are able to speak English. The main language used on our website and TeamSpeak server is English. We understand if English is not your primary language and encourage best-effort attempts at posting and speaking in English.
  10. You have TeamSpeak 3 installed. We use TeamSpeak 3 to communicate and every member is expected to use this software.

General clan rules

  1. You must commit to this clan only. To avoid problems none of our members may be a member of other clans when serving with us.
  2. Be honest about your account history. Every clan member is expected to have a clean account history. We regularly check if members are still playing fair and if needed action will be taken.
  3. Be a good sport. Do not use hacks, cheats or exploits! EVER. Clan members are expelled from our clan if found hacking, cheating or exploiting.

Joining our clan

Are you interested in joining us? Please feel free to check out our clan info page and our enlistment form.