Operation Kingfish: 12 July 2014, 19:30 hours (Clan time)

NAME OF OPERATION: Operation Kingfish

GAME: Arma 3

DATE AND TIME OF OPERATION: Saturday 12 July 2014, 19:30 hours (Clan time)

SITUATION: A group of soldiers has been taken hostage and we have been assigned the task to rescue them. At the same time we are also expected to extract a collaborator who’s been cooperating with us for quite some time already, and as such it is vital this person survives the extraction. To make the chance of succes slightly higher, command has decided to insert into the AO at night, which forces us to move in silently and only engage enemies when the need is there.


  1. Disable naval mines near the coast of RV Alpha
  2. Regroup at RV Alpha
  3. Locate hostages and collaborator
  4. Rescue hostages and collaborator
  5. Secure perimeter and call for extraction
  6. Extract hostages and collaborator



  • SEAL team: Hunter
  • Recon team: Wolf
  • Infantry teams: Viper 1 / Viper 2
  • Pilot: Eagle

ENEMY INTELLIGENCE: Early recon has revealed the hostages are most likely kept hostage in a small compound. This compound is guarded by some troops, and patrols are confirmed to be in the area as well. Be advised that the enemy force is expecting a rescue operation, so all troops are on high alert and ready to engage any enemy combatants they encounter. It is also believed the enemy force has some vehicles at its disposal, but recon could not establish the type and numbers of these vehicles.

PRE-OPERATION BRIEFING: A pre-operation briefing shall be conducted at 19:00 hours (Clan time) by 1LT MetalGear. All participants (clan members, allies and visitors) need to be present at this pre-operation briefing.

PLAN OF ATTACK: Since we want to maintain the advantage command advises us to move in silently and avoid enemy contact until we have to go loud. To make this happen command has assigned very specific directives for each team.

  • Hunter: At the start of the operation team Hunter locates and disables the naval mines near the coast of RV Alpha, and gathers together at RV Alpha. Afterwards they assist team Wolf while they perform reconnaisance. During most part of the operation these two teams remain in relatively close proximity to each other.
  • Wolf: At the start of the operation team Wolf waits for confirmation that the naval mines have been disabled, and uses a RHIB to rendezvous with the other teams at RV Alpha. Afterwards team Wolf recons the area without being detected, and provides Viper 1 and Viper 2 with a safe route to the target destination.
  • Viper: At the start of the operation team Viper waits for confirmation that the naval mines have been disabled, and uses a RHIB to rendezvous with the other teams at RV Alpha. Afterwards team Viper splits up into two teams (Viper 1 / Viper 2) and cooperates with teams Hunter and Wolf to safely reach the target destination.
  • Eagle: Team Eagle is located at a small friendly air base and has several planes and choppers at its disposal. Team Eagle’s main role is to extract the teams, hostages and collaborator to safety, but could also be used to take out enemy vehicles if the need is there. As such team Eagle can be called upon by the leaders of the other teams, but obviously common sense should dictate whether or not the assistance of team Eagle’s assets is really needed.

Once all teams have reached the target destination and start the assault it is vital they prevent unnecessary casualties. This means the assault should be swift and deadly, and preferably executed from positions that give advantage to our teams. It is also vital all teams know where the hostages and collaborator are, kill one of them and it’s mission over.

Once the area is deemed clear and the hostages and collaborator have been located and rescued all teams should secure a perimeter around the hostages and collaborator and call in team Eagle for extraction to the safe zone. We should then be heading home in no time, and can celebrate yet again another successful Operation.


Fire discipline: Hold fire until fired upon, or the weapons free order is given.

Initial approach: At all times maintain a low profile. Do not give away our positions by rushing into danger areas. Ideally all teams should reach their positions without being detected and without a single shot fired before they start the main assault.


  • TeamSpeak. Every participant MUST be on TeamSpeak, and preferably everyone needs to have a working microphone. To make the experience even more realistic we also use our own Whisper system to communicate with each other, and therefore all teams are in a different TeamSpeak channel. As such players refusing to join TeamSpeak will be removed from the Operation as the operation requires proper comms from everyone playing.
  • Leadership. The following clan members have been assigned as team leaders.
    • Team Hunter: Milan
    • Team Wolf: MetalGear
    • Team Viper 1: KSKoscielny
    • Team Viper 2: Nikoyan
  • Proper teamwork. This Operation only succeeds when everyone works together. This means teams only move when the recon team tells them it is safe to move. Teams will also not go their own way.
  • Communication. We expect proper comms from everyone! No chit chat at any time, and no continuous chatter at any time. It is also to be noted that to succeed all teams must communicate as much as possible to increase the chance of getting the job done without any casualties.


At all times keep in mind this Operation is not just about getting the job done, it is also about surviving. This means the pace of this operation is slightly slower than usual, and therefore focuses on minimal casualties and getting everybody out alive. As such we require all participants to be patient and follow their leader’s directions and orders. Do NOT make this operation a rush job, as you will get everybody killed. In short – trust your team leaders, do as they ask and you will be fine.

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