New features added to the website

I am proud to announce that as of today most features we had on our previous website have been replaced with proper WordPress equivalents. These new features can all be found on the right side of this page. As such all clan members and close friends are hereby urged to register a WordPress account to be able to use certain features. You may register your account by scrolling down the bottom of this page and clicking the Register link in the Register & Log in section.

I also wish to provide everyone with some notes about the new ShoutBox. First of, as said in the ShoutBox itself you need a WordPress account to post in it. It may also happen messages posted in the ShoutBox are not fully shown, as you can see in the ShoutBox right now. In such cases just hover your mouse pointer over the shout to read it completely. You may also flip through shouts by using the two arrows at the top of the ShoutBox. One other thing to also keep in mind is that the ShoutBox refreshes after several seconds, which hopefully gives it a somewhat similar feel to the previous ShoutBox we had.

As a final note I also wish to add that we are almost finished with adding features to the main website and will now focus on getting the main website themed. Hopefully we can show off our new home very soon, and focus on normal clan matters even more.

CPT Catwoman
Celtic Alliance – Alpha Company
Commanding Officer

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