Operation Derrick: 25 January 2014, 19:30 hours (Clan time)

We hereby invite all our clan members, visitors and allies to our second public Operation on our public server on Saturday 25 january 2014, 19:30 hours (Clan time). The full details of this Operation are listed below.

NAME OF OPERATION: Operation Derrick

DATE AND TIME OF OPERATION: Saturday 25 January 2014, 19:30 hours (Clan time)

SITUATION: We have been given the order to destroy oil derricks within a fortified oilfield. We are expected to strike the oilfield hard and fast, and destroy the derricks before airborne and armoured reinforcements arrive.


  1. Make our way into the fortified oilfield
  2. Destroy at least half of the oil derricks within the oilfield
  3. Leave the area before airborne and armoured reinforcements arrive



ENEMY INTELLIGENCE: Early reconnaissance of the target area has revealed the oilfield is guarded by bunkers and infantry personnel. The oilfield is also surrounded by barbed wire and temporary walls, with a small amount of access points providing entry to the oilfield itself. Recon units have also provided us with intel that suggests the enemy forces have reinforcements available in case the oilfield comes under attack. These reinforcements are believed to include airborne units and armoured units.

PRE-OPERATION BRIEFING: A pre-operation briefing shall be conducted at 19:00 hours (Clan time) by 1LT MetalGear. All participants (clan members, allies and visitors) need to be present at this pre-operation briefing.

PLAN OF ATTACK: Since time is of the essence high command has advised us to go in hard and fast. We however can’t take too many risks during this mission because of the continuous threat of a huge amount of reinforcements brought in. High command therefore advises us to find a way in without attracting too much attention, deploy explosives at the oil derricks and touch them off from a safe distance.


Fire discipline: Due to the fact reinforcements will be brought in as soon as we draw too much attention on us our teams should try to avoid using their weapons until it’s absolutely necessary to use them. Our teams should also hold fire until the weapons free order is given.

Initial approach: Due to the position of the target area it is not entirely possible to approach the oilfield undetected. If possible use every cover and concealment available to you to stay undetected for as long as possible.


  • TeamSpeak. Every participant MUST be on TeamSpeak. Preferably everyone needs to have a working microphone.
  • Leadership. We assign a clan member as leader of our squad. Everyone is expected to listen to him, and carry out the orders given. Players who fail to do both are removed from the Operation to make room for other players who actually make some effort.
  • Proper teamwork. This Operation only succeeds when everyone works together. No lone wolfs. No rushing. No kill seeking. People who wreck the teamwork are removed from the Operation.
  • Communication. All participants will be in the same TeamSpeak channel. Which channel is announced by 1LT MetalGear during the pre-operation briefing. We expect proper comms from everyone! No chit chat at any time. No continuous chatter at any time. You will be removed from the Operation and TeamSpeak if you can’t behave as requested.

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