Operation Raven: 31 May 2013 – 19:30 hours (Clan time)

We are happy to announce our first real public Operation, Operation Raven, and hereby invite all our members, visitors and allies to attend this event.

This event is scheduled to take place on our public server (IP: on Friday 31 May 2013 – 19:30 hours (Clan time). Clan members are advised to gather on TeamSpeak 30 minutes before the Operation starts for a pre-Operation briefing.

Since we are relatively new to the concept of Operations this is not the type of Operation that’s commonly seen in the Arma community. We are still learning to create a fully custom Operation, so for now our first Operation is just an edited version of a mission we regularly played and enjoyed. As such the name Operation Raven may not be entirely correct. It however is the thought that counts.

I hope to see most of you there!

CPT Catwoman
Celtic Alliance – Alpha Company
Commanding Officer

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