New website in the works

Welcome to the soon to be redesigned home of the Celtic Alliance. As we are still working on setting things up we hope you will bare with us and forgive us this sudden change.

What happened?

A few days ago our webhost upgraded PHP to 5.4 and because of this upgrade our previous website was rendered useless. We therefore needed to come up with a solution and install new software. The past few days we have been working on migrating our forums to our new forums, and now we have made a start with setting up the bare bones of the main website.

As such our forums and this website are far from complete. We are working as fast as possible to set things up and get someone to skin the main website and forums though, and hopefully within a few weeks we will have most of the website up and running. We therefore ask of our members and visitors to please be patient, and to help where they can.

Special notice to clan members

For the time being you may use the forums to communicate with each other. Our game servers and voice server are also available, so don’t hesitate to use them.

I also wish to notify you, you do not have to register a new account on the forums. All accounts have been safely transfered and you can still sign in with your old account info.

To use our forums, ENTER OUR FORUMS HERE.

Any other questions or enlistments in the meantime may be sent to scottishreconforce(at)


1LT MetalGear
Celtic Alliance – Alpha Company
Executive Officer

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