Enlistment form problems

It has come to our attention people had problems with our enlistment form, and we have looked into this issue. It turned out to be a conflict between a registration plugin we had installed and the plugin we use for our enlistment form. In fact the registration plugin somehow seemed to stop enlistment forms when they were sent in, while we clearly set it up to allow these forms. To add even more to the mystery some people could send in the form while others couldn’t. As such we had to conclude this was something we couldn’t easily fix.

We therefore have now disabled the registration plugin and the problem should be fixed. In fact tests we ran with several people showed it now works. We had to disable WordPress registrations though to prevent the registration of spam accounts. This means WordPress accounts for our clan members will be created manually over the next few days, and the necessary info will be provided to our members by PM or email.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

CPT Catwoman
Celtic Alliance – Alpha Company
Commanding Officer

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