Investigating server kicks / temporary fix

It has come to our attention that players are being kicked from our servers with the message “You have been kicked off the game”.

While we at this moment in time can’t point out exactly what’s causing these kicks, our servers do not have any settings active that could explain the kicks, we did discover that those playing with the ACE mod enabled do not seem to experience any problems.

As we wish to know exactly what is causing these kicks we are still actively investigating this issue, but at this point really can’t be of any assistance because the way Arma 3 currently handles these server kicks does not provide us with any information or causes of the kicks.

As such for now the only solution we can offer is to enable the ACE mod. This obviously goes against our server policy of being accesible to Vanilla players as well, but until we can’t exactly pinpoint what is causing the issue and how to fix it we do not know of any other solution.

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