Work on website almost done

I am pleased to announce work on the main website is almost finished. We may still change a few things here and there over time, but the basics are quite as they should be right now.

I again urge all our members and close friends to register a WordPress account. Without a WordPress account you can not post in our ShoutBox, so if you haven’t registered yet do so now by clicking this link: Follow the on-screen instructions and you should be fine.

I also want to remind our clan members and close friends again that the account you used on the old website only grants access to the new forums. Do not try to use it to sign into WordPress, as it won’t work. We tried setting up a bridge between the forums and WordPress, but sadly to no avail, so for now all of us need to make do with two accounts.

CPT Catwoman
Celtic Alliance – Alpha Company
Commanding Officer

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