Arma 3: Advance and Secure marathon

We are excited to announce our very first Arma 3: Advance and Secure marathon. The date and time set for this marathon is Saturday 7 November 2015 at 14:00 hours (Clan time).

All missions run at this event have been selected by our clan and will be using the default Advance and Secure rule set. Every mission played utilises a PvP / AI setting, with AI numbers present until the human player count reaches at least four players.

The details of the server we’ll be using for this marathon are as follows:

  • Server name: Celtic Alliance – RECRUITING
  • IP address and port:

We hereby would like to invite all our members, enlistees, recruits and visitors to this event. So put on your army boots, oil your weapons and join us on Saturday 7 November for some AAS fun.

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