Operation Raven Revisited

We invite all our members and visitors to the following public Operation on our public Arma 2 server. For the server info please visit our Game Servers page.

NAME OF OPERATION: Operation Raven Revisited

GAME: Arma 2

DATE AND TIME OF OPERATION: Sunday 14 December 2014, 19:00 hours (Clan time)

SITUATION: A guerrilla force with limited ammunition is tasked with stealing a truck from the opposing forces. To get this done they need to establish contact with an informant to determine where they can find the keys to the truck, carried by an officer of the opposing forces. Weather conditions during this Operation are far from perfect, heavy fog. Combined with night time this fog however allows the guerrilla force to use it as cover, which makes their approach a tad easier.


1. Make contact with informant
2. Steal keys from the officer

3. Steal truck



ENEMY INTELLIGENCE: Reconnaisance of the area has revealed a medium sized enemy force in the area. This enemy force is reported to be on full alert. The enemy force also has support assets at its disposal, including mostly armoured vehicles.

PRE-OPERATION BRIEFING: A pre-operation briefing will be conducted at 19:00 hours (Clan time). 1LT MetalGear will conduct this pre-operation briefing and the set up of our teams is decided during this briefing.

PLAN OF ATTACK: Team Raven gathers at the starting point. They then seek contact with the informant, and according to the information given deploy a machinegunner in a proper position to provide overwatch and cover fire. The other team members make their way towards the objectives and try to complete them, with support from the machinegunner.


Fire discipline: Due to the stealthy nature of this Operation our teams may only fire at enemies when fired upon, or when the weapons free order is given.

Fire and manoeuvre: Once firefights start the enemy force will rapidly deploy on our teams. Therefore it is vital our forces move as quickly as possible after the first shots have been fired, using cover and different positioning. If possible all teams should also use the fire and manoeuvre tactic while moving, i.e. Alternating Bounding Overwatch with one team laying down cover fire while the other moves.


Visiting players. Since this is an Operation for both clan members and visitors our members are advised to try to have the visitors join them with their planning and execution. A good way could be to put all visitors in a different team and to communicate with them on how the teams should proceed. This way we hopefully avoid visitors just run around, making the whole Operation a bit more enjoyable.

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